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CJA Consulting (UK) Ltd is dedicated to help customers use the internet to enhance communications and improve business results.
We have a Focus on Small Rural Business's and SME's

Prices in a fruit and vegetable market

Goudhurst: A village of natural beauty
The power of Shire Horses, harnessed to plough the land
English Countyside
Price Increase 1st January 2016
Due to increased cost of the license fee for remote access to customer computers the charges for remote support will increase from £25 per hour to £30 per hour.
A minimum charge of £20 will also apply to all invoices
Computer Support

General computer support is offered to private people and small business's. Please see Computer Support Page for more detail.
The charge for computer support is £45.00 per hour. Traveling at 40p per mile may be charged for longer distances.

Training Services
Training comes in many shapes and forms and often requires tailoring to a clients specific requirements. In most cases we prefer to discuss the training requirements with the client and prepare a proposal on a case by case basis. However, there are some yardsticks that can be applied to the standard applications.
One to One Training.
For one to one training the tutor will visit the client at their place of work or their home and give specific training using the clients computer. This is often mission specific such as setting up a spreadsheet or using Publisher to generate sales literature.
The Charge for One to One Training is £50 per hour.
Traveling at 40p per mile will be charged, calculated from the tutors home address.
The tutor closest to the customer will be used wherever possible.
The travel charge will be waived for distances of less than 10 miles.
Group Training. (Up to 8 people)
Group training on standard Microsoft packages such as PowerPoint or Publisher is normally delivered in blocks of 3 hours.
The charge for a 3 hour session is £300 (Based on training at the clients premises using clients computers)
Training at a third party computer training facility is available. Please contact CJA for details
Government Sponsored Training.
CJA Training are pleased to work with partners to bring IT skills to target areas of the community as identified by the Learning and Skills Council or other similar bodies. These are strategic projects that require clear definition and an agreed schedule deliverables and cost model.
Software Development and Support
Software development and support for applications such as Excel and Access. £50 per hour
CJA Consulting(UK)Ltd are fully flexible in their approach to handling Web design, hosting and management of clients Web Sites. This price guide has been designed as a user friendly tool to help prospective customers estimate the cost of a bespoke website based on the complexity and size of their requirements.
Cost falls into five main categories:-
Purchase of a Domain Name
What would you like to be called? www.john-smith-enterprizes.co.uk
These names are purchased from the registering authorities, normally for a period of two years. Renewal of the registration at the quoted fee is necessary to maintain ownership of the name. CJA Consulting(UK)Ltd will remind you when this is required and implement the renewal.
All web Sites have to be installed on a computer that is permanently connected to and gives access to the internet. This is called a "Server" and it is necessary to hire space on the server, so that the Web Site can be viewed on the internet.
This is the most difficult part to estimate as the cost is dependent upon the amount of work required to make the Web Site look and work as you would like it to be. Some basic rules of thumb however can be applied in terms of the number of pages and their size and complexity.
Search Engines
The above three sections (domain name, hosting and design) will establish a presence on the World Wide Web but to enable the general public to find your Website we use other services called "Search Engines", Google, Jeeves and Altavista are probably the best known.

The search engine makes the connection between the person searching for particular information and the Website that contains that information. i.e. if we enter "Florist, Maidstone" the search engine would identify all of the florists in the Maidstone area.

For the search engines to do their work, they have to be told when new Websites have been created and what they contain. We will ask you to supply all of the relevant words that you feel people will search for. We will also need to know which you consider to be the 20 most important ones. This is called "Optimising the Site and Submitting to the Search Engines". CJA Consulting(UK)Ltd offer this service to maintain a high ranking for the Websites they manage.

This service ensures that a Website is maintained with up to date information and can be implemented on a yearly contract basis or "as needed". This would include newsletters, current events, price changes etc
Schedule of Prices
1st February 2013
Description of Service
Domain Name
Purchase .co.uk name for 2 years
Purchase .com name for 1 year (.com names are renewed each year)
All other domain configurations
Contact CJA
Host small to medium site up to 50MB (Annual Fee)
Host medium to large site up to 100MB (Annual Fee)
Second and all additional email addresses. Price each (Annual Fee)
On-Line Statistics (Annual Fee)
Secure hosting to support on-line trading.
Contact CJA

Design web site up to six pages
Average content of pages not to exceed 6 pictures and one A4 sheet of text. Client to supply text in electronic format and pictures as good quality photographs or high resolution electronic images.

Each additional pages with average content as above
Add Photograph (above 6) to existing page.
Add max.100 words of text to existing page.
Pop Up boxes. e.g. To show larger image. Cost per box.
All other design requirements
Contact CJA
Search Engines
To establish new Web Site with high ranking by search engines. 12 submissions at 2 week intervals.
To maintain high ranking of established Web Site. Submissions for 1 year at 8 week intervals. (Annual Fee)
Maintenance contracts are available for regular updates.
Contact CJA
Alternatively, updates as when needed. Charge per hour

Guide price for 12 updates per year, £380.00 to be confirmed at time of order.


To help you make an estimate of the cost to design and commission a Web Site on the Internet select, the required items from each of the sections shown above.

An example is shown below:-

The first year of operation will includes the design cost which is non recurring.

The cost for the second year of operation is very much reduced although you may need to include a small amount of money to implement updates such as price increases.


Example - An Accommodation Provider.

First Year of Operation.

Purchase domain name (.co.uk)
£ 32.00
Design. Website with 6 pages as follows:-
Home, About Us, Accommodation, Tariff, Contact and Links
£ 85.00
Submit to search engines. 12 submissions at 2 week intervals
£ 60.00
Submit to search engines for remainder of the year at 2 month intervals
£ 30.00
Second Year of Operation
£ 85.00
Submit to the search engines. 1 year at two month intervals
£ 60.00

CJA Consulting(UK)Ltd Terms and Conditions of purchase can be accessed by Clicking the Link below and apply to all transactions concerning the activities listed above.

We are always pleased to hear from anyone wishing to discuss any aspect of our services info@cjaconsulting.co.uk
For further information on Web Design: visit
For further information on Training: visit