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CJA Consulting (UK) Ltd is dedicated to help customers use the internet to enhance communications and improve business results.
We have a Focus on Small Rural Business's and SME's

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Knowledge is like the natural beauty that is all around us. It is always there but we sometimes need help to find it and to communicate that knowledge to others who can share in it's value and enhance the life of us all.

CJA Training believe that "Information and Communications Technology" (ICT) is the technology of the people and it should be available to all, to improve and enrich their lives. It should help generate income, improve flexibility in the workplace, improve social understanding and at a price and speed that makes it the technology of choice.

CJA Training have the ability to assess the needs of clients and to tailor a programme of tuition that exactly meets the needs of every indivual or group of people. This can range from a single one hour session to print out Christmas Card address labels to an integrated programme of training for an SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) over many months.

Full Product support is available for the following applications

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Access
Adobe Illustrator
Microsoft PowerPoint
Adobe Pagemaker
Microsoft Outlook
Serif PagePlus
Microsoft Works
Microsoft Publisher
The internet and email
Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/XP
Website Design and Management

The internet knows no frontiers and it is of equal value to the retired person exchanging photographs with their grandchildren on the other side of the globe, as it is to the company director collecting his sales figures from all four corners of the world.

CJA Training is a network of people with a vast experience in teaching and training across a very wide spectrum of industrial and educational establishments. Our objective is to match the needs of the client to a member of staff with the knowledge and personality to deliver exactly what is needed to ensure the required transfer of skills.

We are always pleased to hear from anyone wishing to discuss any aspect of our services info@cjaconsulting.co.uk
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