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CJA Consulting (UK) Ltd is dedicated to help customers use the internet to enhance communications and improve business results.
We have a Focus on Small Rural Business's and SME's

Keyboard access to a computer

Goudhurst: A village of natural beauty
The power of Shire Horses, harnessed to plough the land
English Countyside

email and on-line services are now the predominate method for communications and accessing information.
This has generated an almost hysterical reliance on computers and the internet

CJA have responded to this need and offer a fast and efficient service to rectify most problems associated with broadband, viruses, software conflicts and operational difficulties. Wireless connections to the internet, the supply and installation of new software, setting up email accounts are typical of a normal day at CJA.
Operating through a network of highly motivated people we can often give a same day response to many problems
Our client base is divided between private individuals and small business's in roughly equal parts. From pensioners needing only email to growing business's using a complex data base for order processing and management reporting.
Our normal mode of operation is to visit the clients premises to check both the installation and the computer as many internet connection problems are caused by influences outside of the actual computer. We are always pleased to discuss problems on the telephone and visit when necessary. 01622 850537

We are always pleased to hear from anyone wishing to discuss any aspect of our services info@cjaconsulting.co.uk
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